Fairy Tale Wedding

As the New Year’s doors were opened, filled with blessings and great expectations so did a new dawn break for South Africa’s favourite daughter.

As rain softly blessed the morning of January the 7th 2017 an inspirational young lady opened her eyes, knowing that after months of planning and preparation, that on this day she will step onto a podium where love and happiness combines with a celebration of vows between two soul mates.

Caster Semenya and Violet Raseboya celebrated their unconditional love for each other with a fairy tale wedding at Chez Charlene 5 star Wedding Venue in Pretoria East. They exchanged their tracksuits for the day and left all guests attending breathless in their chosen attire. Caster looked elegant and sophisticated in an oriental inspired celebration outfit. She gracefully celebrated her love in a navy blue, gold trimmed jacket, silky smooth golden oriental pants and matching navy blue shoes with fine and intricate golden finishes.

Awaiting her love in a beautifully, natural lit chapel with finishes that exudes sophistication and beauty enhanced by the presence of elegant chandeliers and crystal detail, all that was evident from her was the radiant smile of the realisation that the expectation of a dream is about to be fulfilled.

The moment the brass handled wooden chapel doors opened and Violet stood in the archway, the guests gasped in admiration. She was the mirror image of all fairy tale princesses in a snow white, elegant wedding dress that left all in attendance breathless. She was without a doubt the envy of all previously married brides in attendance. As she gracefully glided down the aisle like a queen on ice, and after the guests could draw breath again, the sounds of traditional Xhosa blessings echoed up towards the heavens.

A breathtakingly beautiful wedding complimented by a breathtakingly beautiful setting. Leading from the chapel a majestic fountain guides the arched pathways through a lush green garden filled with perfectly manicured all year round blossoming gardens, pebbled rose gardens, green lawns and crystal clear fountains. All combining into a radiant nature setting rivalling the beauty of paradise itself.

Within the elegantly Tuscan inspired designed banqueting reception hall, breathtakingly beautiful in grandeur, Charlene Georgiades promises and delivers on the philosophy of “Perfection is the only option.” Every detail carefully inspected, the five star service and professionalism and efficiency of all combined into a wedding reception that ensures that all guests experience the feeling of royalty.

Executive Chef, Derrick Brink, uses this platform of grandeur and elegance to showcase his masterly culinary skills and experience. Every dish a portrait of elegance, sophistication and flavour infused by passion. From the canapés to hors d’oeuvres to the entrée each serving, mouth-watering delightful, only a step towards the main event of the culinary agenda…the serving of dessert! Chez Charlene five star Wedding Venue’s renowned and famous dessert serving, once again, delivers on ‘Perfection is the only option’. Brightly lit flaming desserts, creating a midnight train through the reception party, lights up the darkness to the backdrop of an appropriately chosen song in honour of the beautiful bridal couple.

Caster and Violet celebrated their wedding and love for each other in a truly romantic fairy tale wedding. Their love, edged in each other’s hearts and souls, will clearly endure. For now and for ever.

A Truly “Forever After” experience!

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