In Arts Embrace Love Takes Flight


Life is a fragile beautiful thing, In the heart of passion’s embrace Dreams are woven with delicate grace. In a place called Chez Charlene 5 star wedding Venue our Love dances upon the stars above In a timeless and tasteful beautiful maze. With every stroke of art’s sweet muse We create symphonies, and our hearts collide.

Conversations captured, brushes, pens, colours, lines and Shapes, our hearts collide. Creating masterpieces, side by side. In Chez Charlene’s Venue tender embrace We mould love with every trace. Sculpting and crafting landscapes that are undefiled. Masterpieces unfold canvases of emotions. Pure and bold, in love’s embrace we shall never fail. At Chez Charlene Venue, passion resides. Our souls entwined, symphony echoes day by day.

So, let us paint our story together through Whispered words, joy, and wonder. In the Sanctuary of Chez Charlene Venue Relationships are born and blossom. And as we create, love poems are written. For all of time

– Charlene Georgiades

Guest Capacity: 80-400

Main Venue

Main venue embodies romance, elegance and beauty. Décor allows for beautiful photographs.

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Guest Capacity: 10-100

Boutique Venue

This chapel seats 100 guests, with all standard décor included in your personalised quotation.

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Guest Capacity: 10-350

Corporate Venue

Five-star and Abia awards winner – best venue in Gauteng, it is an oasis of beauty and tranquility.

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5 Star Luxury Wedding Venue in Gauteng, Pretoria

Enchanting Gardens Bloom, Artistry and Love Entwined, Chez Charlene wedding venue Awaits You