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Boutique Venue

Chez Charlene 5 Star Intimate Boutique Venue, Pretoria, Gauteng is an idyllic intimate venue for your smaller weddings, cocktail parties, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate functions, or any other special occasions.

It is stylishly intimate and comfortably seats up to 100 guests including an undercover dance floor on the outside patio. It offers pristine gardens with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Other features include a climate-controlled venue and chapel, full bar facilities, secure parking, 5-star catering, a backup generator and much more.

At our beautiful venue, the trees are towering pillars of nature, adorned with gnarled bark and crowned with canopies of shimmering foliage, inviting you to bask in their ancient wisdom and breathe in the purest of air, best backdrops for capturing moments on your special day!

Let the trees witness your love and inspire you with their resilience and grace, as you embark on a lifetime of adventure, love, and happiness. Chez Charlene 5 Star Intimate Boutique Venue, Pretoria, Gauteng is sure to impress with its exquisite beauty, Forest Elements all over and impeccable attention to detail.


The Boutique venue chapel seats 100 guests, with all standard décor included in your personalised quotation. The chapel can only be described as chic elegance with specialised technical sound equipment and air conditioners that are managed by our In-house Sound Engineer. Natural light enhances the ambience enabling photographers to create celestial, artful memories of your wedding day.


Chez Charlene 5 Star Boutique Venue, Pretoria, Gauteng is an exquisite boutique venue that embodies the sophisticated elegance of French style. The venue is enveloped by water ponds, which have been thoughtfully arranged in an artistic manner to create a stunning visual effect. The tranquil sound of running water adds a serene ambience to the space, making it an ideal location for special events, such as weddings, private parties, and corporate functions.


Upon entering Chez Charlene 5 Star Intimate Boutique Venue, Pretoria, Gauteng, guests are immediately greeted by the breathtaking beauty of the water features that surround the venue. The ponds are surrounded by lush greenery and blooms creating a picturesque backdrop for any occasion. The architecture of the venue is designed to complement the natural surroundings, with sleek lines and subtle curves that add to the overall sophistication of the space.